Possible tornado touches down in Centreville, MS

CENTREVILLE, MS (WAFB) - The northern part of the viewing area was especially hard hit by the storms that swept through Louisiana and Mississippi Tuesday.

Christmas Day 2012 is one that won't soon be forgotten by Centreville, Mississippi resident John Templeton.

"It didn't take but 10 seconds and it was over with," said Templeton.

Templeton said his family had a firsthand encounter with what they believe was a tornado shortly after 2 p.m.

"The wind started blowing and we went in the basement. It knocked the tree over on the back of the house and it was gone," Templeton explained.

His house was ripped apart by the tree that sat in his front yard for more than 40 years. His family remains without power, like many of those in the town.

Despite the damage, Police Chief James Ray Reese said it could have been so much worse. He said there were no deaths and only one reported injury.

"We had one woman pinned in a house and my Assistant Chief Carlos Lee had to cut her out," Reese said. "She had a pretty bad cut in her head, but they took her to the hospital and she's alright now."

Templeton is thankful as well, adding his Christmas miracle was the decision to have his family over on Christmas Eve.

"We all came out alive. Yesterday we had about 17 or 18 people here for family Christmas and I thank the Lord they weren't here today," he added.

Residents in Centreville believe it was a tornado that passed through their small town, but the National Weather Service will wait to make that determination.

A survey crew is being sent to the town on Wednesday.

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