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Lubbock neighborhood offers unique Christmas light show


While Santa and his elves are preparing to bring presents and joy to children all around the world, there is one Lubbock neighborhood he won't have any trouble finding. Since 2006, a neighborhood in southwest Lubbock has been decorating their homes with Christmas lights that are set to music you can dial up on your radio.

The flamboyant display is in the 7500 block of 84th Street. It's the brain child of resident Roger Metze. Back in 2006, he came up with the idea of decorating his house with Christmas lights that danced to music.

"My neighbor and I started and from there, the next year we added another house and the year after that a fourth house and finally, 7 years later, we finally added a fifth house," Metze said.

 The display attracts tons of visitors each year, who dial their radio station to 96.7 FM. The production runs through the end of the month and is a site to see for all who stop.

"(Visitors) are all excited, they just love driving by looking at all the lights. Everybody thinks it's a unique thing to see," Metze said.

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