Passengers at Baton Rouge Metro Airport see little delays for holiday travels

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Baton Rouge Metro Airport remained quiet Sunday, just days before Christmas and that was music to the ears of passengers.

"Actually lines moved pretty quick. Really good time," said one traveler.

A good time considering volume at the airport remained steady but not heavy. That is par for the course according to Baton Rouge Metro Airport Spokesman Jim Caldwell, who says Baton Rouge gets most of its traffic from the business traveler. Atlanta, Georgia native and LSU student Adelaide Farrow appreciates that trend this time of year.

"Hartsfield Jackson is huge and I've been there a million times and I still find it confusing so when I come to Baton Rouge's airport it's two terminals I love it," said Farrow.

Zachary native Brian Brumfield definitely agrees saying a trip home from Baltimore to see family was pretty uneventful and basically smooth sailing.

"Today it wasn't bad at all. I got to the airport on time, got through and made it here on time. It was fine and had no issues at all," said Brumfield.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, July is the busiest month to fly and while specific holidays may see a spike in travel, passengers we spoke to say proper planning is the key.

"I think most people are pretty responsible and already got here before two days out at least I hope so," said Zachary native Alex Baird.

"It's the best time of year for me so I really look forward to Christmas and the holidays and New Year," added Brumfield.

Louisiana air travelers also get an early Christmas present with the news the Department of Homeland Security has deferred the state's compliance with the federal Real ID act. In other words, a driver's license will be all you need for domestic travel in the foreseeable future.

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