Companion Animal Alliance reports record-breaking adoptions

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Companion Animal Alliance has set a new record this month. The adoption agency reports an estimated 250 animals have gone to permanent homes.

The kennels at the CAA are crowded this Christmas but so is the lobby.

John Nosaka and other CAA volunteers have been busy match-making.

"We've been adopting dogs and cats like gang busters this month. We've had over 250 adoptions already and we're still going strong," Nosaka said.

The CAA has been running a special this December. For twelve dollars anyone with a picture identification and a loving home can get their paws on a precious new pet.

Pat Friedrich and her granddaughter were there to adopt a dog Pat spotted on Facebook.

"This is a dog that needs a home and we need a dog and she is the most beautiful dog. She's an Aussie Shepherd and we already love her don't we. And we're going to take her home and train her and she's going to take care of us just as much as we're going to take care of her," Friedrich told her granddaughter.

Friedrich said after taking one look at her furry new friend she knew it was hers but Nosaka said it's not always that easy.

"Lots of times people come in thinking they want a dog that looks a certain way but not for the way the dogs going to behave, attitude the dog's going to have, the energy level it's going to have so I want them to think about that first," Nosaka said.

Eight year old Susanna Shields and her parents did. They were at CAA to replace their dog Lucy. She passed away around Thanksgiving.

"She would always meet me at the door," Susanna said.

Her parents, Lee and Roby, said having a pet has been an important part of nurturing their family.

"It's loving and caring adds security and teaches the kids responsibility to care for an animal and what the animals need and it's a good bond for the child also," Lee said.

Susanna wanted a dog that could play fetch. She made several trips to the kennels and play area before she chose her new friend.

Jace made the cut.

"For what we need for our surroundings and our yard our family this dog is the best one for us," Lee said.

The "12 Strays of Christmas" special runs through December 31, 2012.

CAA will be open on Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For complete holiday hours, click here.

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