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Auburn man starts 26 Acts of Kindness phenomenon


Auburn resident and proud father, Warren Tidwell, left work early last Friday feeling ill.

When he returned home, Tidwell watched the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School unfold before his eyes.

"As I watched it, like so many people, I was crushed. I felt I had to do something," explains Tidwell.

He then created the official Facebook page, 26 Acts of Kindness, with the hope of bringing comfort to people during this traumatic time.

The page spread like wildfire and before he knew it the NBC network was contacting Tidwell to ask to partner with him on his idea.

"NBC approached me about working with me on it and I told that I would be more than happy for them to take it on because they could push it a lot further than I could," explains Tidwell.

With more than 60,000 likes, and a push from celebrities like Ann Curry, Tidwell says that he is receiving hundreds of messages everyday from people sharing their different and unique acts of kindness.

"I had one family who split their Christmas vacation budget three ways and split the money between three teachers. I've also heard of small things like complimenting someone."

You may remember Tidwell's name as the creator of the Toomer's for Tuscaloosa Facebook page created in 2011, after the devastating April tornadoes.

That page gained 80,000 likes and millions of dollars in donations towards the reconstruction of Tuscaloosa.

Needless to say, Tidwell's social media creativity has spawned a new method of outreach to support those in need.

"This in some small way is bringing comfort to people and to be a small part of that is very humbling," says Tidwell.

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