COPY-Fruit Tree Varieties

Apple- Mature trees grow to 20 ft.  Two varieties are needed for best fruit set.  Fruit production expected during 3rd year. 

Anna- Low chill apple developed in Israel.  Trees are vigorous and relatively disease free.  Fruit is crisp with excellent flavor and 30-50% red blush over green.  Ripens late June.

Dorsett Golden- Low chill apple.  Excellent pollinating variety for Anna.  Heavy producer.  High quality, golden fruit.  Fruit is sweet, crisp, and has a mildly sprite flavor.  Ripens late June

Ein Shemer- Low chill apple.  Self-pollinating.  Good pollinating variety for Anna.  Crisp, tart, good quality flesh.  A low chilling selection from Israel.  Bears at a young age.  Very productive.  Ripens early June

Fig- Plant on 15 ft. centers.  Plant on south side of a building for winter protection.  Figs are a warm-temperature fruit.  Little maintenance required.  All varieties are self-pollinating.

Brown Turkey- Developed from Celeste.  Very prolific, bears on young wood.  Fruit is medium in size, bronze skin with white flesh.  Fruit good for making preserves, very sweet.  Long ripening season is from mid-July through mid-September

Celeste- Large tree.  Most widely planted variety in this area.  Bears on two-year-old wood.  Excellent fruit quality, good for fresh eating and preserves.  Medium fruit is resistant to souring and splitting.  Begins ripening in June and continues to produce fruit for 3-6 weeks.

LSU Gold- LSU release.  Medium-sized fruit of golden color and good quality.  Upright plant.  Average cold resistance.  Begins ripening in July.

LSU Purple- LSU release.  Small fruit of pinkish-purple color.  Excellent quality right off the tree.  Upright plant.  Average cold resistance.  Begins ripening in July.

Native Fruits-

Crabapple, Native- Native small to medium tree.  Plant on 20 ft. centers.  Small white flower in early spring.  Produces small orange-red fruit that is attractive to small animals and deer.  Low maintenance plant.  Adaptable to a wide range of soil types.  Popular for planting in wildlife habitats.

Mayhaw- Native small to medium tree.  Self-fertile.  Small, red berries ripen in late April-May.  Berries are excellent for making jellies and attracting wildlife.  Mayhaw jelly is claimed by many to be one of the best to be made.  Profuse bloom of white flowers in early spring and attractive tree make it excellent for ornamental uses also.  Plant on 15 ft. spacing.


Sunlite- Yellow flesh, red blush.  Semi-cling.  Ripens very early in mid-late May.

Peach- Most varieties are self-pollinating.  Plant on 20 ft. centers.

La Feliciana- Freestone, 2 1/2- 2 ¾ inch fruit.  Heavy producer.  Very popular, best-known LSU variety.  Ripens first week in July.

La Festival- Freestone, large fruit with yellow flesh flecked with red.  Trees are vigorous and productive.  One of LSU's releases.  Ripens third week in June.

La Peche- LSU variety.  Heavy producer of medium-large semi-freestone fruit.  Flesh is yellow flecked throughout with red.  Trees are vigorous and productive.  Ripens third week in June.

Pear- Plant two varieties for good pollination.  Plant on 15 ft. centers.  Requires little maintenance.  Showy display during spring bloom.

Kieffer- Blight resistant.  Strong tree well adapted to wide range of soil and climatic conditions.  Consistent producer.  Fruit medium to large, golden yellow with red tint.  Excellent for baking and preserving.  Store fruit for 2 weeks after harvest for maximum quality.  Ripens in mid August.

Orient- Blight resistant, very vigorous, spreading tree.  Round, very large fruit.  Fruit is yellowish with red blush.  Creamy white flesh with juicy, melting texture good for fresh eating.  Late maturing variety.

Pineapple- Very large russet fruit is firm and keeps well.  Pineapple flavor, good quality.  Heavy producer.  Blooms early.  High fire blight resistance.  Ripens mid-late August.

Plum- Plant two varieties for best pollination.  Plant on 15 ft. centers.  Spray program necessary for best quality fruit.  Requires little pruning.  Favorite home garden fruit.

Methley- Japanese plum.  Vigorous tree with upright shape.  Heavy bearer.  Medium to large reddish-purple fruit with red flesh.  Excellent quality.  Distinctive sweet mild flavor.  Popular home garden variety.  Excellent for fresh eating or processing. Ripens early June.

Ozark Premier- Japanese plum.  Large juicy fruit with bright red skin.  Flesh yellow, firm and fine grained.  Flavor tart and good.  High yielder.  Resistant to bacterial spot.  Ripens mid-June

Santa Rose- Japanese plum.  One of the most popular commercial and home-garden varieties.  Large, pretty, freestone plum.  Skin is purplish to crimson with yellow flesh.  Fruit is juicy and tart; excellent flavor; keeps well.  Prolific bearer.  Self fertile, but better production with cross-pollination.  Ripens mid to late June.

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