Cinnamon roll French Toast


Cinnamon roll 1 Each

French toast batter 3 Ounces (v)

Cream cheese icing 2 Tablespoons

Blackberry compote 1 Ounce

Blueberry compote 1 Ounce (v)

Fresh strawberries, sliced 2 Each

Foster's sauce 1 Ounce (v)

Whipped cream 3 Ounces (v)

Orange garnish 2 Slices


  • Slicing crosswise cut the cinnamon roll into three even sections. Note; this may be done ahead of time.
  • Dip each cinnamon roll section in French toast batter.
  • Transfer to a buttered cook top and cook each side for 3-4 minutes, until golden brown.
  • Meanwhile combine blackberry and blueberry compotes in a small bowl, place into a skillet and heat.
  • Spread 1 tablespoon of cream cheese icing between each layer and shingle on a large round ("Mickey Mouse" design)
  • Drizzle 1 ounce of Foster's sauce over the cinnamon roll.
  • Place fresh strawberries and spoon warm mixed berries over the roll.
  • Place (3) 1 oz. dollops of whipped cream and the garnish around the rim.