Viewpoint: December 18, 2012

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal promised transparency in state government when he first took office, but apparently, some top officials in his administration didn't get the message. The Associated Press reports several officials in the Jindal administation used private email accounts dozens of times to discuss strategies and ways to respond to the media regarding massive healthcare cuts.

Using a private email account as opposed to a state government email address flies in the face of transparency. The National Freedom of Information Coalition says people sometimes use private accounts to hide things. Governor, you need to find out if some of your top advisors were intentionally trying to hide matters from the public.

Public business is subject to public records laws, regardless if it's a personal account. But apparently, some of those emails were not given to the AP in response to a publc records request. That concerns us. Public business shouldn't be conducted that way. Governor, we'd like to see you make good on your promise of transparency as we believe an open government is always in the best interest of its people.