Baker wants changes for its failing public schools

BAKER, LA (WAFB) - In August, city leaders sent out forms to people in Baker asking for suggestions as to what all they could do better and improvements needed in the city. One of the biggest complaints was education.

What are we going to do now in baker? That was the question people in the Baker City

Auditorium were trying to find the answer to Monday night as parents, teachers, students and local and state education leaders discussed the public schools in their city.

There are five within the Baker School District:

Baker Heights Elementary -- F

Baker High -- D

Baker Middle -- F

Bakerfield Elementary -- F

Park Ridge Elementary -- D

Ebony London said with the way things are in Baker now, she doesn't believe her children have a future. London has been in Baker for the past nine years with four children at the area public schools. On the flip side, Tirany Howard was able to take her children out of the Baker school system and enroll them at a private school thanks to the state's voucher program, the same program that's stuck in the legal system right now.

"I know that they believe they can improve here, but it's not where I want, what I want for my children at this particular time," said Howard.

"It's a very challenging situation. I'm glad to see 100 or so community members ready to talk about turning it around. It's an important thing to talk about our challenges and move forward," said State Superintendent John White.

Those challenges are what parents brought forward citing specific flaws within the Baker schools.

The Baker System Superintendent asked for time saying they can't change things overnight.

Baker's five public schools used to be part of the East Baton Rouge school system until 2003. That's when the schools broke off from EBR and formed their own district: the Baker School District.

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