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Baton Rouge family relives their own terror


The Colorado theater shootings of this past July left deep scars on more than just Bonnie Kate Pourciau's body.  The Baton Rouge teenager and her extremely close family all carry the emotional scars from that fateful day.

When news spread Friday of a massive shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut, the Pourciau family again felt the sting of something so awful. 

"I just started crying at the table," a tearful Bonnie Kate, recalled when she first heard of the school tragedy, during lunch with friends.  At about that same time, Kathleen Pourciau, Bonnie Kate's mother, was picking up Bonnie Kate's brothers and sisters from school.  When they piled into the car, she broke the sad news. 

"Disappointingly, I was a little naïve about how heavy this would fall on them."  Pourciau said her children understood the horror, having lived it themselves.  "We didn't lose Bonnie Kate," Pourciau said, "but the shock was still severe."

"I can't imagine the little ones having to go through that," offered Bonnie Kate, while her brother Noah said, " My first feeling was just anger that someone would do that again," referring to the shootings in an Aurora, Colorado theater that killed 12 and injured 58, included his sister.

There will be far more questions than answers about how such carnage could happen to elementary school children and their teachers.  To those grieving, Kathleen Pourciau  prays that the suffering will have friends with arms opened wide and that God will supply the comfort that family and friends can't.

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