East Baton Rouge Metro Council members say goodbye

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - "We have agreed to disagree on many occasions but at the end of the day I still love you guys and wish you the very best."

It was an emotional night for four members of the East Baton Rouge Metropolitan Council Wednesday as they attended their final meeting. Mayor Pro-Tem Mike Walker and Ulysses Addison stepped away after serving their term limits. Allison Gary and Rodney "Smokie" Bourgeois are also not coming back for another term.

"I think the record I had was 70 calls in one day and it's hard to keep your phone charged when you're doing that but it's the job they are hire you to do and I was very flattered that they did," said Bourgeois.

A commitment Addison believes is simply a matter of doing one's duty.

"No matter whether it seems good, bad or indifferent but the best thing is to be involved in the process so you can make a difference in your community, in your state and your nation," said Addison.

For Walker, his final meeting marked the end of 40 years of public service. An era Walker says he would not change even if he could.

"It was my life's dream and I was able to live it and not many people get a chance to do that and so it's been a blessing to me and I love Baton Rouge and East Baton Rouge Parish and it is my home and will stay that way probably until I die," said Walker.

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