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ETX boy turns 12-years-old on 12-12-12


Wednesday marks the century's last sequential date, December 12,2012.

December 12, 2012, is viewed by some cultures as a day of good luck, or a day of romance, but one East Texas boy views it as the day he turns 12-years-old.

"Oh it's been very exciting. We've been planning on this 12-12-12 birthday since shortly after he was born," says mom, Lita Wilkinson.

Happy Birthday, Corey Wilkinson, who is turning 12-years- old on 12-12-12.

"My birthday is on 12-12-12 and I'll be turning 12 years-old, so this is the last time something like this

is going to happen because next year it's going to be 2013 and that wont work," says Corey.

Since Corey's birthday landed on a Wednesday, Mom decided to throw him a birthday party over the weekend.

"He's very into video games so we planned a video game party. We just gathered up a bunch of televisions and game systems and he had a bunch of his friends over," says Lita.

"My favorite present I got there was an Xbox 360," says Corey.

Corey was also born just after midnight on December 12, 2000.

"When we realized his birthday was on 12-12- 00 we thought that was going to be such a cool birthday, and it's easy for mom to remember 12-12-00," says Lita.

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