Area residents to decide a number of races in runoff elections

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - One month after the November election and Louisiana voters are being asked to head to the polls once again.

Parishes around the area will have a number of items and races on the ballot as folks like Baton Rouge resident Dale Sands will be asked to settle runoffs.

"Too many people paid a price to give us the right to vote," said Sands.

That right to vote will prove vital in Port Allen where incumbent Roger Bergeron and Deedy Slaughter find themselves in a battle to the wire for mayor.

"We looked at records of those who early voted and those who did not, so we're knocking on doors saying we need you out, we need you out one more time," said Slaughter.

"Our evaluation of early turn out is that it's going to close. Very close last year with a 17 vote margin so it will be as close if not closer," added Bergeron.

While the mayoral race will surely provide for a good voter turnout in Port Allen, around the area, election officials say runoff elections are usually just a matter of what is on the ballot.

Elaine Lamb is East Baton Rouge Parish's Registrar of Voters and says more than 6,000 residents have already cast their ballots as part of early voting and hopes the trend will continue through the weekend.

"It's very important, very important for everything on ballot this week so we're hoping they vote before anything else," said Lamb.

And that's not a problem for Sands, who says it's just the right thing to do.

"I feel like you always need to vote whether you think the election is important or not. I think it's important as citizens that we vote," added Sands.

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