Banana Split Beignets from The University Club


1 cup yellow cake mix
3 Tbl  pineapple juice
3 Tbl  Sprite
Banana slices as needed
Chocolate sauce as needed
Strawberry sauce as needed
(Strawberry sauce can be thawed strawberries with syrup, non-alcoholic strawberry mix, fresh strawberries or preserves)


  • In a mixing bowl, combine cake mix, Sprite, and pineapple juice. (Make sure the cake mix is PLAIN mix. Do not use "Butter Recipe" or "Moist" or "Delux" recipe blends. The batter will not stick to the bananas while frying.
  • Coat the banana slices with the batter.
  • Deep fry in "Fry Daddy" or frying pan with peanut oil. Cook until golden brown.
  • Remove from oil, drain, and allow to slightly cool. Top with chocolate, strawberries, ice cream, etc.
  • Enjoy!