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The race for Supreme Court Justice heats up

Jeff Hughes Jeff Hughes
John Michael Guidry John Michael Guidry

The race for Louisiana Supreme Court Justice has gone ugly. It started with Democratic candidate John Michael Guidry releasing an attack ad this week against Republican opponent Jeff Hughes.

Hughes has made an issue of the fact that Guidry has never been a trial court judge. "Experience is the big issue in this race," says Hughes. "The difference is with our trial court experience. I liken it to ‘would you choose a surgeon who has never been in the operating room?'" says Hughes.

"I think the campaign is pointing at the record of my opponent," says John Michael Guidry." I think now we're seeing what that experience was. It actually ended up being a nightmare for victims and their families and the justice system. I sent a lot of my time as an appellate court correcting those kinds of decisions he made as a district judge."

Guidry also adds that he has a broader base than Hughes has. "I've got republican, democratic, independent, black, white, rich, and poor support. It's a good type of consensus that I'm very comfortable with," says Guidry.

Hughes says he will be keeping a keen eye on turnout come Saturday. "Turn out, turn out, turn out. I mean in the first primary it was a record setting turn out," says Hughes. "Everybody votes for president, 67 percent. With that great turn out our campaign did well."

Election Day is Saturday, December 8, 2012.

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