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Twenty Days till Christmas

December 5—Start reading The Christmas Carol aloud as a family.

December 6—Help your children go through their toys for children in need.

December 7—Adopt a family for Christmas.

December 8—Make a batch of homemade jelly for the sanitation workers and the mailman.

December 9—Invite kids over to make candy houses.

December 10—Make homemade Christmas cards.

December 11—Let your kids add a canned good to the food pantry with each grocery visit.

December 12—Adopt an elderly neighbor.

December 13—Have a special prayer time for our soldiers fighting over seas.

December 14—Start a family newspaper, "The Christmas Clarion." Let the kids interview members of the family to record Christmas memories from days gone by.

December 15—Watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas with your neighborhood children.

December 16—Host a birthday party for Jesus. Invite children to come with a gift that will be given to children in need.

December 17—Let the children write and perform a Christmas play for the neighborhood.

December 18—Sing Christmas carols around the dinner table.

December 19—Make real homemade bread from scratch, no machines!

December 20—Gather the family to watch It's a Wonderful Life with fresh popped corn.

December 21—Read the Christmas story from Luke 2 to the children.

December 22—Let the children go door to door taking candy canes to neighbors with a sentiment attached. (Read The Candymaker's Gift for ideas.)

December 23—Take the family to visit a live nativity scene. (First Presbyterian Church has a beautiful display.)

December 24—Attend a Christmas Eve service at a local church.

Christmas Day—Make a birthday cake for Jesus! Don't forget to sing Happy Birthday!

December 31—Help each member of the family make a list of promises for the New Year.

New Years Day—Read aloud the family promises!


Merry, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Manners of the Heart!

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