7 teen gang members charged with armed robbery

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Seven teenagers, gang members according to police, are behind bars and are charged with armed robbery. The robbery happened Sunday, in broad daylight, by a group that calls themselves "Ghetto Boyz."

East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Officials say it was just after 2 p.m. Sunday in the Gardere area when seven teens jumped two kids. One was 10-years old, the other was 13-yeasrs old. A knife was pulled out and items were taken.

By all accounts, Rush Avenue is in a tough neighborhood. Police say the defendants live nearby. The arresting officer explained the scene to Juvenile Judge Katherine Ritchey during a detention hearing. A 14-year-old said to be involved was given a $10,000 bond. The other six had their hearing rescheduled.

"There was a knife involved, allegedly. Some items were taken and it adds the possibility of transferring that into an armed robbery. We still have to wait on the file," said District Attorney Hillar Moore.

Deputies say the case was closed quickly with the young suspects arrested within 45 minutes of the robbery. Because a weapon was involved, the teenagers may be charged as adults.

"There is a chance that we would pull some [into adult court]. We're going to see what kind of record they have and if they have earned the right, we're going to take them to District Court. Fortunately it wasn't a gun it was a knife. We frown on any type of violence, but you have a knife and this knife can kill someone just as easy as a gun, It's a serious offense," said Moore.

District Attorney Moore said he hasn't quite decided which one of the seven will be brought to adult court, but rest assured someone will be.

No one was hurt during the robbery. They are accused of stealing a cell phone and a $20 bill.

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