Unseasonably warm temperatures bad for business

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It has been looking like Christmas around Baton Rouge for several weeks. It just hasn't been feeling that way. The unseasonably warmer temperatures have taken an ax to one man's business.

You can't avoid the holiday. The signs are everywhere.

Homeowners have scattered decor across their front lawns, their mail boxes are decked for Santa and there are already gifts under the tree. However, there's no denying something is out of place.

"It's a very hot day considering it is December third," Joyce Derozen said.

Derozen and her father enjoyed their lunch outside. In fact, a lot of people took advantage of the milder weather, some with a good book, and a lot of folks donned a footwear wardrobe more conducive to summertime temperatures.

"I'd like it to be like it was a couple of weeks ago, in the 50s. Until then, I won't put the flip flops completely in the back of the closet," Derozen said.

Some people are taking advantage of the warmer weather while they can.

"Here the breeze is coming off the Mississippi River. I like change of weather. I like this time of year. I think it's perfect," Charles Barbier said.

It's flawless, if you're not Taylor Webb. He sells firewood.

"I'd rather the cold weather, you know. It's good for the business," Webb said.

The Webb's have run the business for 48 years.

"I was brought up with three fireplaces in my house. That was a lot of wood cutting," Webb said.

These days, Webb is spending less time piling pecan wood and more time watching the weather.

"I'm looking for the fronts moving in and when they'll get here and rain," Webb said.

The wood chopper is hopeful Mother Nature will cooperate soon. After all, it's not winter.

"I'm pretty sure the cold weather is going to get better, and I'm going to be right here," Webb said.

Webb sells firewood on the corner of Hoo Shoo Too Road and South Vignes Road in Baton Rouge.

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