LHSAA holds hearing over Live Oak/Parkway incident

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A special Louisiana High School Athletic Association Sportsmanship committee handed down a town ruling after hearing testimony from all sides to try and get to the bottom of how Live Oak High School football coach Barry Musemeche ended up in handcuffs and escorted off the field even before a game could begin.

Principals at both schools had been going back and forth over scheduling issues with the school's bands; who would get to perform and when.

The principal of the host school, Parkway High School in Bossier City refused to let the Live Oak band perform and share a part of the game's halftime. Instead Parkway High principal Nicole Bourgeois told Live Oak officials to perform before the game.

Coach Musemeche, who would end up in handcuffs, told the committee he had an agreement with the opposing coach and officials for his team to use Live Oak's band pregame time to warm up and then let the Parkway High School band take the field.

The Parkway principal, Dr. Nichole Bourgeois, testified she was in control of the schedule and the Live Oak coach refused to follow it.

She had the coach handcuffed and removed from the field.

Coach Musemeche was taken off the field and eventually let go before the game.

The LHSAA committee Thursday had to determine if any rules were broken in the handling of the incident and if there was any bad sportsmanship on the part of either school.

After almost five hours of testimony, the LHSAA committee deliberated and basically threw the book at Parkway High School Officials, officially reprimanding the Parkway High principal for her part. The committee also placed the Parkway principal on probation for a year.

In all, the committee penalized Parkway High school and its officials seven different ways; including stripping them of the chance to host any playoff games next season, and Parkway High has to pay the costs for the hearing.

Parkway High School officials had no comment after the ruling.

Coach Barry Musemeche said he is happy with the ruling and proud of the teams involved. Coach Musemeche did say he plans to move forward with his lawsuit against Parkway School officials.

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