Area residents try their luck in record Powerball drawing

PORT ALLEN, LA (WAFB) - Powerball mania took over the nation Wednesday. Cash's Truck Stop in Port Allen is just one of many area stores that pumped out tickets at a record pace.

"All day it's been nonstop we finally just slowed down briefly," said store clerk Cara LeBlanc.

"It's up so high. $550 million. I'll take it."

William Smith would take it as well, adding the record pot made him do something he has never done before.

"This is the only one. I've never bought a Powerball ticket before."

To put this frenzy into perspective, Powerball sales in the state reached four million all of last week but lottery officials say because of the $550 million jackpot they'll reach that total in just one day.

"We love the buzz lots of people are talking about this it's the talk at the office, on the street, our retailers have been ringing the office, it's a great day," said Louisiana Lottery spokesperson Kelly Spell.

A great day bringing in five percent commissions for local retailers and giving 35 percent of every dollar back to the state to help fund public education. Bernell Williams already had a few things in mind for his possible winnings.

"I've got the winning ticket right here. All the construction companies look at me, gonna retire after tonight. I'm going to fly me and this man all over the world. Sounds good. It's good."

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