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Neighbors helping neighbors in danger of fire

23-year-old Ben Dean says he and his band mates and friends were having a party in the living room with this balcony door open when all of a sudden they saw flames coming from a nearby building.

"We started banging on doors and trying to get people out and thankfully we did. We saved a lot of lives, I think," Dean said.

Everyone scattered, but they didn't run away. They ran to help.

"Actually I think I may have broke a hinge off of one door. This lady opened up and there was this little girl crying and we got them out," Dean said.

Dean's friend Jhoan Zamudi says he ran right into the fire.

"Completely smoking upstairs. We ran up there and she said her brother was still up there. The fire was on top of me, I knew that, but I wasn't sacred," Zamudi said.

Dean's friend Ashley Farmer took photos of the fire in progress.

These guys say they were not going to sit and watch a tragedy unfold. They wanted to do something.

"Well I would hope somebody would do that for me. I would do it for anybody else, yes. I didn't think about who was there, If I like them or not. I just knew there were people in there," Zamudi said.

Thankfully with their quick thinking and firefighters' help, everyone affected by the fire survived.

Grover Henry with the Red Cross is coordinating clothing, furniture and food donations for the displaced families. Call him at 334-260-3984 if you'd like to help. Wednesday is the fourth day residents have been in temporary housing. The Red Cross only pays for up to five days of housing.

Ashton management says they are getting other units ready for tenants who want to move in Thursday. They are also not charging them for next months' rent.

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