Woman: Rats invading Baton Rouge home and yard

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A Baton Rouge woman is upset because she says rats are invading her home and yard. Jenny Harbourt moved into her home on Seyburn Drive in Baton Rouge, LA about five years ago.  Three months ago she began noticing rats in her back yard.

Harbourt complained to the city parish after the rodents began to show up. "They are burrowing," says Harbourt. "They are digging holes all over the place they have them underneath my shed, and all over my yard."

Harbourts neighbor has been visited by animal control in the past over the rats. They are considered pets because they are Norwegian Domestic rats. According to Harbourt, the rats have gone feral, meaning they have bred with regular rats to create a hybrid.

The rats can have a new litter every 21 days and up to 10 rats per litter.

The problem has gotten out of hand says Harbourt. "Usually at dusk and dawn there the most active," says Harbourt. "They will be running around the outside of the house peeking out of the neighbors' house. They roam around; I guess they are just foraging for food."

Hilton Cole with East Baton Rouge animal control says he will have a supervisor go to the house to investigate. He says his people have been out there in the past and the neighbor has been very cooperative. She was not home when we visited and we saw no rats.

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