Christmas tree sales soar on Black Friday

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The day after Thanksgiving is not only the busiest shopping day for merchandise, but it ushers in the holiday season and Christmas tree sales are off the charts.

Trees were flying out of Louisiana Nursery on Friday.

"We sell about 9,000 trees, so we got a lot, three different types to sell," said Nathan Biggerstaff with Louisiana Nursery.

Bethany Landry and her daughter, Gabrielle, have been eyeing the trees as they look for just the right one.

"It was full and it didn't have any holes in it and the trunk was straight," said Landry.

Bodi Heard and her husband saw the kids off in the morning. They planned to decorate the tree in the afternoon while watching the LSU game.

"LSU is playing today," Heard said. "We'll put up the tree and party around the house."

And, they have a lot to choose from.

"Most of the trees we sell come from Oregon or North Carolina. We have two or three main shipments that come in to our growers. We've done business for over 25 years," Biggerstaff explained.

According to the experts, this year's crop of Christmas trees is a better lot than years in the past.

"In the northwest, it seems like it rained a lot more. Also, with the hurricane that they had on the East Coast, North Carolina area, they got a lot more rain. Everything seems to be a lot more greener, more fuller, a real good crop," Biggerstaff added.

The store expects to have the trees moving out of the lot through at least the Dec. 15.

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