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Police reveal more details about drug bust shooting


Cincinnati police are revealing more details into Wednesday night's officer involved shooting, which left a drug suspect dead.

The gunfire grew out of an undercover drug investigation when narcotics officers purchased a small quantity of heroin, and then tried to arrest the seller. The seller was in a car driven by Dontez O'Neal.

Lt. Colonel James Whalen with Cincinnati Police says O'Neal was not about to go quietly. "The suspect vehicle accelerated backwards at a high rate of speed and it rammed into the front of the stopped violent crimes squad car. It rammed it with sufficient force that it caused the airbags inside the suspect's car to deploy."

Whalen says there was a third suspect in the car who was armed, but managed to escape. "He pointed the weapon at Orlando Smith, and officer Smith fired one or two shots at him as he ran. I have no reason to believe officer smith struck him, but I don't know that for sure because we have not apprehended him."

Moments later Dontez O'Neal tried to shoot it out with police. "He was armed with a 45-caliber pistol and he fired one shot a police officer Orlando Smith."

Officer Smith returned fire striking O'Neal five times and killing him. "Robert Mathews was struck in the arm and during a court appearance today claimed he didn't have a weapon. Police say their investigation so far indicates the shooting was justified, and Ozie Davis, Executive Director of the Avondale Comprehensive Development Corporation, agrees. "Everything was going as it was supposed to go until you don't stop, you resist arrest, you take a car and bang it into the police officer's car and that causes the police officers to have to protect themselves."

Davis and police say its sad day because a 19 year-old man is dead who would still be alive had he surrendered when ordered by police.  

The shooting is now the subject of three separate investigations.

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