Viewpoint: November 23, 2012

In today's digital world, a child's letter to the North Pole is most likely an email to Santa. Hints to mom and dad that took the form of a folded page in a catalogue are now links to an online store.

The biggest holiday change is how we do our shopping. While many of us still enjoy getting out in the crowds, more and more people are turning to online shopping. But, as we shop online and ship gifts in, Louisiana money is being shipped out.

As the holiday shopping season kicks off, we'd like to remind you of a way for you to shop locally while still enjoying the convenience of the internet. While you are searching online for gift ideas, just type one more word into the search engine..."Louisiana."

By typing in those nine letters, your search results will include Louisiana companies. Those companies employ your neighbors and drive our state's economy. So remember, whether online or in person, by shopping locally we can strengthen our economy and help our neighbors.