Port Allen woman selected to help decorate the White House

Gloria Guerin
Gloria Guerin

PORT ALLEN, LA (WAFB) - Watching TV has landed a Port Allen woman her dream come true. She says a home décor network showed some people putting festive touches on a home in Washington D.C. Now she's been hand-picked along with a few others around the country, to decorate the White House for the holidays.

Flipping through home décor magazines is how Gloria Guerin spends a lot of her free time. She's looking for design ideas and marking the pages with ideas she really loves.

"You look at colors, shapes, the size of the room, the layout of the room," Guerin said as she picked up another magazine.

It took her two years to decorate her current home. Using roadside or even flea market finds that she then recovers and restores.

"I want every room to be used," she said. She says she wants her home to give off a warm and inviting vibe. Not the type of home she grew up in, with rooms and furniture that were not to be touched. "I like my company to want to come back."

It's that kind of thought she put into designing her guest room. In fact, slippers and a bathrobe are put away inside of an antique armoire in case anyone wants to make themselves at home. There are touches of décor from trips she's taken to Africa. She's mixed the old and new, with a touch of eclectic.

"I've always been into decorating. My first line of profession is in sales, but in my spare time I decorate my home, friends homes."

Now she's setting her decorating ideas on a larger scale. The White House. She says in 2011, she made contact with a group that helps get the home ready for the holiday. She says for months there was emailing back and forth. She says she got a notice that she'd been selected among several others, but she was not yet a finalist. After sending in pictures of her work she then got a final notification, she'd been selected.

She'll be working with a group who had prepared the White House in previous years, but she's hoping to bring some new ideas to the table as well. Which is why she's been busy looking for more unique designs.

She says she's already asked about putting something Louisiana related on the tree, but was told no. But that has not stopped her from dreaming.

"I would love to take some Louisiana Magnolia with me."

For security reasons, Guerin can't say when she will be leaving. But she says the project should take several days. And she's hoping there are some materials there she can use to make a fleur de lis, to make sure there's a little Louisiana left in the White House.

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