Man dies of gunshot wound 20 years later

Lennard Lewis
Lennard Lewis

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - On September 25, 2012, Lennard Lewis died at his home of a seizure disorder. On the surface it appeared to be of natural causes. That is until East Baton Rouge Coroner William Clark, M.D. began looking around for the reason Lewis had the seizure disorder.

The Coroner traced down Lewis's medical records and discovered that he had been shot in the head 20 years ago.

"Mr. Lewis had a seizure disorder," says Clark. "His ultimate cause of death was related to a terminal seizure event. Subsequently from that it was determined that the reason Mr. Lewis developed seizures was secondary to being shot in the head in 1992. We determined that the manner of death in this case would be a homicide."

Dr. Clark then turned over his findings to the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's department. "We are looking into the 1992 incident," says Sheriff's spokesperson Casey Hicks. "We are trying to figure out who was the lead agency on that shooting."

State law allows for murder prosecutions to stay open indefinitely, meaning who ever shot Lewis in 1992 could be prosecuted for his murder. It is very rare, according to the District Attorney's office, to successfully prosecute a case this old.

The Coroner is convinced the shooter is responsible for Lewis's death. "The combination that resulted in his death was directly related to there being still a bullet in his brain that caused him to have seizures," says Clark.

Officials say no arrests were made in the 1992 shooting because Lewis had no memory of who shot him.

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