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19-year-old charged with murder of 4-month-old daughter

Jacob Tanguma (Source: Lubbock County Sheriff's Office) Jacob Tanguma (Source: Lubbock County Sheriff's Office)

A man is being charged with capital murder after his 4-month old daughter died Tuesday morning.

Jacob Tanguma, 19, was arrested just hours after LPD received a call saying the child was not breathing around 9 a.m. at the Middleton Place Apartments. The four-month-old was taken to UMC and was pronounced dead soon after.

When LPD began their investigation, they found that Tanguma had killed his daughter, possibly by suffocation.

According to the arrest warrant, Tanguma gave police the following account of the events leading up to the tragedy:

Tanguma said he was fired from his job on Monday, and when he came home that night he was stressed out. After going to sleep, his 4-month-old daughter woke him up because she was screaming. 

He said he tried to calm her but she continued to scream, so he got angry and grabbed her throat, squeezing it tightly. This made her cry even louder, so he pushed hard on her torso several times, at one point holding it in for an entire minute.

Her breathing then became separated and she was quiet, so he fell asleep. He said he assumed that she fell asleep, too. The next thing he remembers is waking up on top of her, with his hip pressed against her face.

Tanguma was arrested and charged with capital murder because of the child's age. He is still in custody and his bond is set at $500,000.

Residents at the Middleton Place Apartments tell KCBD that their complex is usually quiet and safe.

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