LSP Troopers return from Hurricane Sandy relief in New Jersey

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Thirty one Louisiana State Troopers returned from an 11-day stint in New Jersey early Tuesday morning. The group was stationed on the Atlantic Ocean in an area known as "The Barriers." Our troopers were sworn in upon their arrival and acted as New Jersey commissioned officers.

Sgt. Jonas Martin was on the detail that helped out. He says the victim's bonded with them when they found out where the troopers had come from. "They all remembered what happened back in 2005," says Martin. "They immediately started relating to us and just started talking. They would ask us about being through this situation."

Martin says they were there to protect property as people returned to their homes. He says he was a little anxious at first because he had never been that far north.

State Police Colonel Mike Edmonson said the troopers did a great job and that New Jersey Governor Chris Christy thanked him recently at the Republican Convention in Las Vegas this week.

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