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Did Hamilton serial killer murder O.J. Simpson's ex-wife?

Glen Rogers Glen Rogers
O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson

A documentary on the Discovery Channel called My Brother the Serial Killer features a Hamilton man who, among other things, claims he murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman in 1994.

Glen Rogers is on both Florida and California's death row for two murders. In the documentary he claims to have committed 70 murders. He has been directly linked to five murders and has been named a suspect in over a dozen more, the documentary says. 

Glen's older brother, Clay Rogers, says he believes his brother did murder all those people. But, that's not what he told FOX19 in November of 1995.

"He doesn't have it in him to kill somebody. I know he doesn't. I want somebody to pull some DNA out, a murder weapon, an eyewitness, a fingerprint. I want something to convince me, because I'm not convinced," said Clay Rogers.

Glen Rogers says he was working in Simpson's neighborhood in May of 1994 when the ex-wife and friend of the famous football player were murdered. The next year, in August of 1996, he was interviewed by Steve Vaughn of WMOH radio in Hamilton.

"I was working in Los Angeles at the time and I was working on a house next door to hers and actually went through her house with the company that I was working for doing an estimate," Rogers said.

Although Rogers did say he was in Simpson's neighborhood, he denied killing her. But that was before he was convicted of any of the murders.

"He, number one, denied everything, denied every murder that happened," said Vaughn. "He also denied reports that he may have been linked with the Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman murders, although he kind of played around with it a little bit if you'll notice in his interview." 

Why did he choose to give Vaughn the only interview he's done? Rogers used to hang out at a bar across the street from the radio station.

"Here's a guy who's frequenting a bar across the street. Here's a guy who's a taxicab driver who's taking our traffic manager to and from work every day," said Vaughn.

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