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Shreveport convenience store robbed at gunpoint


For the past three weeks several Shreveport businesses have been the target of armed robberies. Early Saturday evening it happened again. This time it was the Shell gas station on Mansfield Road.

Janis Isgitt has worked at the Shell store for three months. She sees her share of people go in and out, but she says she never expected that one of them would put her in danger. "I was in shock. It was kind of like a dream. He just said 'Give me the money.'"

Janis says she did what the robber said and gave him the money. She says he took the cash and ran off. Despite this recent hold-up, Shreveport Police tell KSLA News 12 that the robbery intervention detail is working. The department is reporting positive results when it comes to getting criminals off the street.

"It's been extremely successful in combating some of these robberies. As of Friday we have made five arrests, five substantial arrests, which are going to more than likely going to be responsible for the host of these robberies in that area," said Cpl. Marcus Hines with the Shreveport Police Department.

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