Hostess closing; impact felt in Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Everything from Twinkies to Ding Dongs is flying off of supermarket shelves. Hostess brand announced Friday morning it would be closing and filing for bankruptcy. The impact is being felt in the Baton Rouge metro area.

Everything Hostess, from Ho Ho's to Suzy Q's, is going fast.

"I did see on Facebook that someone was going out and buying all the Twinkies," Cecilia Ramos said.

Well, not exactly. Hostess Brands announced it would be closing after employees nationwide went on strike. The company decided on Thursday night, it simply did not have enough people on staff to carry operations. A lot of people are having a hard time understanding why workers walked.

"With the economy, the way it is. I understand they had to take a pay cut but what would you rather, a pay cut or lose your job," Loretta Tucson said.

Hostess reported more than 18,000 people across the country will lose their jobs, but it's not just them who will suffer. "He said they closing us down. It's the last day. I said I'm heartbroken," Gayle Bogal said.

For some people like, Bogal, who shops at the local bakery outlet, it's the only thing they can afford.

"People need this place.  People like to come here and get their bread cheap at wholesale and they want to close it down," Bogal said.

Even the throwback treats like Zingers, Honey Buns, and Dolly Madison pies are disappearing.

It's iconic. In movies you see Twinkies survived the Apocalypse but apparently not," Ramos said.

Even those who said they have not had a Hostess cake in years are thinking twice before they pass up what could be their last chance.

"I'll have to go get some," Lynn Doiron said.

A worker at the local bakery outlet at 2727 North Ardenwood Dr. said the store will stay open through Saturday or whenever they run out of products, whichever happens first.

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