LA Gov. Jindal catching heat for comments made after presidential election

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was on CNN with Wolf Blitzer Thursday from the Republican Governor's Conference in Las Vegas. He discussed why the Republican Party lost the presidential race and saying the party needs to go in another direction.

Jindal has also recently given interviews to The Huffington Post and the Washington based Politico. He has not given any interviews to local media in sometime.

WAFB-TV requested an interview Friday and that did not happen. Political analyst Clay Young says that could hurt Jindal at home. "Locally here the people want to hear from him," he says. "It's important to learn the lesson of Chris Christy [New Jersey Governor] when it comes to the state that you represent they come first, Washington comes second."

Young says the Governor is cashing out his notoriety mainly because he can. "I think the Governor is still playing his national card out after the election he knows the bench is now clear," says Young. "I think he wants to be considered one of the front runners. I know the Governor won't admit this but as a politician you always want some of the greener grass on the other side of the fence."

At last check Jindal's press office was not sure when the governor is going to return to Baton Rouge.

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