Grand Isle residents still upset with BP

GRAND ISLE, LA (WAFB) - Things are quiet in Grand Isle.  Tourists disappear as winter approaches, leaving the beaches bare.

For some of the 1,200 residents in Grand Isle, they've grown accustomed to the quiet months of trying to keep their businesses from sinking.

"When somebody gets on TV and says they found oil in Grand Isle, that kills us," says business owner and Councilwoman Leoda Bladsacker.

The disaster in the gulf was two years ago, but it's those after effects that are hurting the town.

Bladsacker says BP will always be to blame.

"The last part of the chicken that jumps the fence, that's how they treat us," she added.

She says there are still people around the island who haven't been paid for their claims after the spill affected their lives.

After hearing BP was settling with the federal government for $4.5 billion, she says that money is needed here.

"Should come straight to Grand Isle," she added.

She says some are still afraid to visit, to eat the seafood.  

The island is losing revenue.  Other owners say they only have one-third the business they used to.

"BP doesn't realize the long term affect or they don't want to realize it.  To me, they've gotten away with to damn much."

Workers for BP haven't left.  They're still here, checking the shallow water for oil and tar.

But that isn't enough for Bladsacker.  She says the people here need to be compensated.  But she feels as long as there are signs the oil is still around, her home in paradise won't attract anyone else.

"Hopefully they were more concerned about people who lost their lives than they showed concern for us."

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