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Alabama Power crews recount Sandy relief efforts

L to R: Steve Scott and Lamarious Whetstone are back home after 17 days in New Jersey. L to R: Steve Scott and Lamarious Whetstone are back home after 17 days in New Jersey.

Weeks after Superstorm Sandy blasted the eastern seaboard, local power crews are finally home.

930 Alabama Power employees traveled to West Virginia, New Jersey and New York--helping restore power to the millions who lost it.

Lamarious Whetstone and Steve Scott are two Alabama Power technicians just back from a 17 day stint in New Jersey.

"Are you tired. Yes," says Whetstone.

"Gonna rest," adds Scott.

You can't blame them. The men started in Cape May, New Jersey, jumping in wherever needed.

"Moving trees off houses, whatever it took to do it, even if it wasn't just working on power lines," adds Whetstone.

If storm damage wasn't enough, the nor'easter that blew through days later left inches of snow in work areas.

"We took clothes for it. We were told to pack for cold weather, so we did," adds Scott.

It's easy to see, unfavorable conditions didn't phase the men.

"For me, all that goes out the window when people are in need," says Whetstone.

Neither did the destruction. Both crew members say Gulf Coast hurricane clean-up prepared them for this trip. However, comparing the two is nearly impossible.

"Every area is different."

But one thing is always the same--people need help. At least for these guys, it was felt on both sides.

"They were all offering to cook for us, offering us drinks, candy, anything they had," says Scott.

"It's amazing to see people that appreciative for what you do, and what you can give to help someone," adds Whetstone.

The gratitude didn't stop when the men left the Northeast. Alabama Power officials say the emails and Facebook messages expressing thanks keep coming even weeks after the storm. In fact, many residents there acknowledged how long the crews were away from their families.

The two men say everyone in their work areas had power when they left.

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