Live Oak/Musemeche plan to pursue litigation

WATSON, LA (WAFB) - Live Oak High School and their head football coach Barry "Tut" Musemeche plan to pursue litigation for an incident that occurred before their playoff game at Parkway High School Friday night.

In a bizarre pregame scene, witnesses say Parkway principal Nichole E. Bourgeois asked local law enforcement to handcuff Musemeche and lead in him off the field 20 minutes before the scheduled kickoff. Bourgeois says Live Oak was being a rude and uncooperative visitor by disrupting Parkway's pregame itinerary. She says she asked Musemeche and his team to leave the field several times, but the coach refused. Musemeche says his team was simply using the time allotted for his school's band to perform and that Parkway's itinerary was not compromised in any way. Musemeche says according to the schedule, Live Oak's band was scheduled to play from 6:35 - 6:45 pm. He says the band chose to simply play on the sideline and let the football team have that field time. The coach also says Parkway's band wasn't scheduled to play until 6:45 pm, yet marched onto the field as Live Oak's football team warmed up at 6:20 pm.

Musemeche was handcuffed and escorted off the field as spectators and players watched. He was eventually released and allowed to coach the game which ended in Live Oak's losing 36-13.

Musemeche says he spoke to Parkway head football coach David Feaster the night before the game and shared Live Oak's pregame plans. He says Feaster had no issue with them whatsoever. Musemeche likewise adds he spoke to the officiating crew on the field 30 minutes before the scheduled kickoff and they too had no issue.

Coach Musemeche and Live Oak High School were both confident from the beginning they did nothing wrong and will plan on pursuing the issue by legal means. Musemeche says they plan to take action "against multiple individuals and their association" in the pregame incident. Live Oak principal Tracy McRae has already filed an official complaint on behalf of the school to the LHSAA and commissioner Kenny Henderson. The complaint is supported with a timeline and multiple photographs taken of the pregame incident from 6:20 pm forward.

Musemeche says he's never seen anything like this in 22 years of coaching and adds it's very sad the high school football playoff discussion is being dominated by this affair. But the coach says his rights were comprised and he's only taking the proper action.

"Parkway's football team and coaches deserve to move forward in the playoffs," Musemeche said.

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