Viewpoint: November 13, 2012

One week ago today (Nov. 13) Mayor Kip Holden won re-election to a third term, capturing some 60 percent of the vote. The mayor's re-election capped a hard fought and bitter campaign.

It was also an often strained relationship between the mayor and the Metro Council in the months leading up to the election. But, with a few new faces on the Metro Council and the mayor saying he wants to build a Baton Rouge that people have never dreamed of, Holden and the council have a real opportunity here.

We have many challenges facing Baton Rouge like crime and infra-structure issues. In his victory speech, the mayor encouraged people to get more involved to help tackle these issues. But, it will take collaboration and compromise on both sides, something that's been lacking between the mayor and the Metro Council.

We're hopeful that will change. We'd like to see city leaders succeed in building a better Baton Rouge. After all, a better Baton Rouge is better for all of us.