East Baton Rouge School District eyes improvement

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It was a night of reflection for the East Baton Rouge School District Thursday and recognition was given to the man leading the way.

"This day, November 8, 2012, as Dr. Bernard Taylor Jr. Day."

Taylor and East Baton Rouge coming off the biggest one-year gain in school grades in district history and the new boss introduced a Framework for Discussion; a plan designed at taking public input and turning it into policy.

"These are the ideas that can be formulated from that feedback and we're going to ask school board to ratify that and give approval and if it does we move forward to BESE to get approval for board of education," said Taylor.

Public feedback will come from four regions that feed into Capitol, Glen Oaks, Scotlandville and Woodlawn High Schools.  Taylor says whether it's a community's push for a charter school or improvements to an existing school, the focus will be student growth.

"At end of the day we need to put argument aside and focus on the children and what we need to do to make them academically successful and when we do that this community is going to grow exponentially," added Taylor.

Growth that Taylor says has to be fueled by a unified desire for academic improvement

"This is not a rest on your laurels we did it it's a hey we will celebrate a little but we're staying focused on the big prize which is to keep moving forward," said Taylor.

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