People sound off about election on social media sites

The moment Barack Obama was officially projected as President on Tuesday, the floodgates opened up to a barrage of posts all over social media sites.

A few we sampled on Facebook read as follows:

"Thank you to the lazy and ignorant for choosing a Communist to run our country again."


"I'm taking the day off! No reason to bust my hump for someone else."

And still others gloated

"The only thing I like more than winning is not losing."

If you have a Facebook page, chances are you've read posts like these or even worse. John David Harding sure did.

"I had to block a lot of friends," said Harding.  "I had to delete a lot of friends because the material was inappropriate."

Tina Ferry agreed and said there is a fine line between expression and aggression.

"It's ok to voice your opinion but it's not necessary to get so vicious one way or the other."

A trend that social media experts believe is growing very quickly.

"What we're seeing is that a lot of people think that their virtual presence doesn't have any consequences."

Jensen Moore is an assistant professor of strategic communication at LSU and says angry posts fall under the react first and think later category connected to social media sites.

"People are just saying things off the top of their heads and they're not considering what their followers, their friends their family think about it, they're just spewing," added Moore.

According to Moore, they are spewing about topics that were once considered taboo like politics and that has Ferry wishing sites like Facebook would return to less confrontational days.

"Yeah I'm looking forward to that and pictures of their kids."

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