Clinton mayoral race goes into a runoff

Don Reason
Don Reason
Lori Ann Bell
Lori Ann Bell

CLINTON, LA (WAFB) - In Clinton, the race is on with all eyes on Town Hall. The voters spoke loud and clear Tuesday night with just one vote keeping the Clinton mayor's race from being a tie so now, it's a runoff.

"In smaller, rural areas, you may not have a whole lot of voters out there so every vote counts," said East Feliciana Clerk of Court David Dart.

Initially, three candidates were up for the position: Incumbent Don Reason, Lori Ann Bell and Robert Flowers.

Flowers took away 170 votes, Bell had 404 and Reason had just one more than Bell, 405.

"Yeah, it was close and I said, 'Well one vote is good for me and we going to have to work harder because we only have a few more weeks before Dec 8.'," said Reason.

"In the runoff, I've got some work to do because that was really close. Just one vote. That's not a lot," said Bell.

"Of the more than 1,300 voters in Clinton, nearly 75% voted. For a candidate to win out right, they have to have at least 50% of the votes. In this case, both had 41%.

Dart said the voter turnout this year was one of the best. Now, all eyes turn to the runoff giving both candidates just over four weeks to try to win over as many voters as they can and both are asking voters to fulfill their duty and right. As for that phrase "every vote counts," they can't say it enough in Clinton.

"It's very important. Voter turnout, that's what's going to determine this race, the turnout," said Bell.

"Just get out and vote. Who you vote for is your preference, but just get out and vote," said Reason.

"Especially in these type of elections, municipal elections, every vote counts so get out and vote," said Dart.

The runoff is set for December 8th.

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