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Voters stand in long lines to cast ballots


It's an Election Day that brought out voters in droves. Some people got in quickly, while others were in lines anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.

Voters were warned about lines on Election Day, and depending on the time they made it to their polling places, determined the short or long wait.

"I came by here this morning," said Billy Lemoine. "Was going to vote around 6:00 and it was packed. So, decided to come later."

Many people reported the lines were long Tuesday morning. Some woke up early to make sure they got in and out.

By the time Lemoine made it back to Westdale Middle to cast his vote, his wait was about an hour and a half.

"It's a good thing people turning out to vote, which is what we want," Lemoine added.

To pass the time, people chatted in line discussing work, the weather and weekend plans. That is until a poll worker reminded them about the three minute rule in the booth and some got serious about studying what was on the ballot.

But, standing still in line was all some could think about, especially when there's another precinct nearby with no one in line.

"Precinct captain says we used to have more voting booths," said Jennifer Wood. "Has something to do with numbers in precinct. One side no line, my side hour wait."

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