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Had enough of election season? Many have


The election season is winding down and so is political media blitz that has consumed our daily lives. Are you glad it's almost over?

Candidates and issue supporters are trying to get you to the polls and some will stop at nothing to do it. "I have received a lot of mailers, yes," said Obama supporter, Monica Solomon. "It's been a very exciting campaign. A close call."

Many people enjoy a good political fight, especially between two men who want to run the country. "They've done well, good campaigning, a lot of money put into it," said Kevin Crea.

But can candidates take things too far? "I think it's been tiresome for all of us and not all of the efforts on either side have always been of the highest character," said Dwayne Little visiting from California. "Comparing all the negative slandering when it came to both parties, I thought it was pretty childish," said Michala Flanagan.

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