25 La state troopers head to NJ for Sandy help

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The crippling effects of Hurricane Sandy continue to be felt by residents in the Northeast who are left with the difficult task of rebuilding.

"We know from down here that's its not all about the storm when it hits or passes through, it's the aftermath," said Colonel Mike Edmonson of Louisiana State Police.

Twenty-five Louisiana Troopers will soon be sharing their storm expertise with their counterparts in New Jersey.

"They were some of the first troopers on the ground in New Orleans and Northshore to help us in Louisiana. That was an easy decision to say you know what let's move forward and let's help them," Edmonson said.

The troopers will provide security in the barrier areas in New Jersey in at least 12 vehicles.

"We're going to go where they need us. They told us to come prepared to stay for at least eight days but we know it's probably going to be longer but we're prepared to do whatever we can up there to provide a public safety presence," said Edmonson.

Help that St. Paul's Homecenter in Gentilly is offering to folks in New Jersey as well allowing families in Louisiana to adopt and support a few that have been impacted by Sandy.

"Of course we all feel that kinship again. We know where they are right they are spinning. They're exhausted and don't know how to put one foot in front of the other right now," said Connie Uddo.

Residents in Louisiana realize recovering from the damage that accompanies these storms can take months and even years but Edmonson also knows every little bit helps.

"Whatever they need from this point forward what we can send them from Louisiana we certainly want to do it."

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