LSU vs. Alabama: Fan rivalry in the workplace

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Shelly Graham runs Action Fitness in Prairieville. She focuses on boot camp style training for all levels. Her business partner, Mike Babin, handles Next Level, training kid athletes and helping them hone their skills.  While they share the same building, the same equipment and the same goals, they stand divided on one thing.

"We were born and raised on that road to Tuscaloosa to see Bear Bryant," said Babin.

"My dad had two daughters, no sons, so we grew up being his partners for the LSU game," said Graham.

That's right.  Shelly is an LSU girl, and Mike roots for Alabama.  You can even see it in their company colors: purple for Shelly, Crimson for Mike.  So how can tigers and elephants co-exist?

"It's more of our clients or my clients. They really like to give him a hard time," laughed Shelly.

"So we have a little thing that goes on. Any of my kids that come in that wear purple have to do some extra exercises," said Mike with a grin.

Shelly quickly added that anyone wearing purple or gold is welcome in her class.

The rivalry ends with football.  The two work hard to help their clients succeed, helping each other out when things get hectic.

But, that doesn't stop them from predicting the big game's outcome.

"It's an overkill. Alabama is definitely dominating," said Mike.

"It's Saturday Night in Death Valley, home game. You never know," Shelly rebutted.

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