LSU-Bama rematch tickets getting scarce

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Tailgate spots are claimed, Mike the Tiger is well-rested, national media outlets are in place. The game both Tide and Tiger fans have been waiting for is here, but some people are still on the hunt for tickets.

"Football is an important part of any culture just simply as competition. But then again, I think that we also don't necessarily need to be spending thousands and thousands of dollars on that," said Michael Russo, a Baton Rouge resident.

Websites like StubHub are listing tickets for a seat in Death Valley for anywhere from $195 to more than $1,000. Tickets are going for a little less on eBay. LSU students say they were warned in emails from the university about trying to sell their tickets for more than face value.

"They've cut down on the amount of re-selling student tickets unless you're going to sell them for exact price. So I think $12 or $13 we paid for them at the beginning of the year.  So, I haven't heard a lot of scheming around to pay more for them this year," said LSU student Kelsi Moore.

"They won't let you convert student tickets to regular seating tickets, or Greek tickets to student tickets. The tickets are as-is. That's just mainly for bigger games such as Alabama," said LSU student Samantha Yelnick.

Michael Russo can't sympathize with football fans who will spend so much on tickets, but wants to offer up some advice.

"If you want to go to the football game, like anything, you should plan ahead and not spend a thousand dollars on Craigslist on a football ticket because that's absurd," said Russo.

"I have friends that go to other schools and they just don't understand what the big deal is, but then again they don't go here so they don't know that we live for fall. I won't be selling mine and couldn't imagine what I'd be doing on Saturday other than being in the stadium," said Moore.

For some, seeing the National Championship game rematch from inside Tiger Stadium  is priceless.

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