Police cadets training for speeders

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The newest group of Baton Rouge police trainees are on the streets this week. They're learning a skill that is very important for police officers, and it's one that just might make you slow down.

What appears to be a large group of Baton Rouge City Police clocking drivers on Nicholson Drive this week is actually a group of cadets in the police academy. It's the part of their training where cadets learn how to visually gauge a car's speed with lots of repetition and a little help from their radar guns.

"These devices are here to clarify the knowledge that we already have and what we teach these guys in class," said Corporal Darren Ahmed with the Baton Rouge Police Department. "The device is there to show them that they have been trained correctly."

Some trainees say it did not take long for their group to get master this skill.

"Day one was more in the classroom. Day two was when we actually got out and started looking at different vehicles and gauging their speed. A lot of us caught onto it very quickly. It's not very hard to say how fast a car is going, and you're usually within five miles an hour," said Wallace Britten, a cadet.

This class of cadets has already completed firearms training and lessons on DWI laws, and driving school is next.

"We have to get them certified in many things not just to make them professional, but to make them proficient as a police officer," said Ahmed.

Corporal Ahmed says this type of visual training comes in handy when it's time for an officer to testify in court, giving that much more credence to what an officer writes on a speeding ticket.

Earlier this month the cadets went through traffic management training. Their five month long academy that started in late July, is slated to finish up at the end of the year.

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