Retirement home residents and OLOL patients get Halloween surprise

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Most of the trick-or-treaters are hitting the streets tonight, but all day kids in costume have been putting smiles on the faces of those who sometimes don't get to enjoy the Halloween holiday.

They sit by their front doors, waiting to hear three little words, "trick-or-treat!"

The seniors at Lake Sherwood Forest Retirement Home have been waiting to pass out candy. The preschool class from Runnels Elementary, dressed like characters in their storybooks, took over the hallways of the retirement home.

"They miss trick-or-treating because they're no longer at their homes and the four-year-olds are a great joy to everyone. [They] remind them of their great-grandchildren," said Delores Benedetto.

At Our Lady of the Lake, the staff is making sure the bandages and IV tubes don't stop the children from having fun. "We're not just about making kids physically well.  But about the heart and mind and that is what this is today," said Melissa Anderson.

From the tiny babies to the bigger kids, every child at the Children's Hospital is given a costume and invited to trick-or-treat if they're able. It was a complete surprise to Khyedwyn Hookfin, who was admitted Tuesday with leg pains due to sickle cell anemia.

"We really don't celebrate Halloween.  So I was so happy when they brought the costume and they told me I could go trick or treating with them," said Hookfin.

Those who work at OLOL say despite the environment, it is a joy to see the kids keep some normalcy in their lives.

It is also a reminder that Halloween is meant to be fun for the kids and the young at heart.

Hospital officials say this is an annual tradition and every year the parade of patients grows.

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