Lights out for sex offenders on Halloween night

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Trick-or-treaters will be out and about Halloween night, so look out for them. If you're taking the kids around the neighborhood, there is a warning for parents to keep their children away from dark houses.

Lights out at houses tonight is a sign that there is no candy, but it could also be because a sex offender lives there.

The law prevents registered sex offenders from participating in giving out Halloween treats and they must keep their lights off. State Police say before you head out in your neighborhood, check out their sex offender registry so you will know if any offenders are on your trick-or-treating route. Troopers will also be checking to make sure no one on the website is handing out candy.

Doug Cain with the Louisiana State Police say they will be doing compliance checks Halloween night; making sure the registered sex offenders are not participating. They will make sure the lights are off, the doors are closed and that they're not interacting with children.

Any offender found not obeying the rules could be arrested to await punishment from a judge.

In other areas of the state, sex offenders are required to attend a special class on education during trick-or-treating hours. Law enforcement say it is to make sure no children are harmed while they're out.

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