Hunters find human skull in wooded area, remains identified

Robert Alexis (Source: Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office)
Robert Alexis (Source: Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office)
Investigators are scouring the area for additional evidence to help with the identification.
Investigators are scouring the area for additional evidence to help with the identification.

ST. AMANT, LA (WAFB) - Investigators combed a wooded area for clues after hunters found a human skull Sunday evening, and less than 24 hours later, the remains have been identified.

The skull was discovered between LA 429 and LA 22 in St. Amant, LA.

Ascension Parish LT. Col. Bobby Webre reports that additional skeletal remains were located in the wooded area near where the skull was found. The remains have been identified as Robert Alexis of St. Amant by FACES Lab Director Mary Manheim and her anthropologist team.

The identification was made from the drivers license that was found in the wallet under Alexis' skeletal remains.

Alexis, 47, was reported missing on Saturday, January 19, 2008 by family members. During the course of the missing persons investigation authorities discovered that Alexis' vehicle was found in a ditch on Beco Road the next day, Sunday, January 20, 2008. An eyewitness also identified Alexis walking away from the vehicle headed towards Highway 429.

Through an extensive investigation by Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office, all leads were exhausted and the whereabouts of Alexis was unknown until the discovery was made by the hunters on Sunday, October 28.

The Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office said the two men who stumbled upon the skull contacted them around 5:30 p.m. to report the find.

"You can tell its been there for a while," said Bobby Webre, with APSO.  Webre said Monday morning detectives were back in the woods looking for more clues and found more bone fragments.

The Fisherman's One Shop, a store across the street from where detectives are searching has also been buzzing.

"All day long.  We've been hearing it since three or four o'clock this morning.  They been wanting to know what's going on," said Barbara Stapleton. She says some are already trying to figure out who the skull could belong to.  She says what's happening hits close to home, especially since she's had to hang missing person posters in the store window.

"People in past month - couple people come up missing.  Put missing posters in windows from loved ones, relatives looking for them.  Never heard anything so we're not sure what's become of it."

"If it wouldn't have been for the hunters it could've been months, maybe years before someone would've come across what they found yesterday," said Webre.

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