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BR Mayoral Candidate Profile: Gordon Mese


Gordon Mese is a 45-year-old owner of a plant nursery on Government St. in the heart of East Baton Rouge Parish. His motivation for running for Mayor/President stems from a frustration of what he terms "The System."

"I'm just sick and tired of being sick and tired, says Mese. "I've been…my family has been here 100 years. 83 years on this property [on Government St]. My education tells me what's wrong. I'm an urban and regional planner by education and there's so much potential here and the problem is we have a bad unified development code that does not allow the city to grow properly."

Mese has funded his entire campaign to date. It's not a lot of money but he says he owes no-one.

"I can go into office without owing anybody anything because this [campaign] has been completely self funded. The most amazing thing is I haven't spent $2,000 and I have already made a tremendous effect on this race," said Mese.

Instead of ordering thousands of yard signs Mese has an unconventional way of taking his message to the people. His Facebook page is driving his campaign and he's urging people to make their own yard signs with his name on them. So far there are two.

"If people made their own signs then that would be worth 1,000 printed signs and so I put that out there and people started doing it," says Mese.

Mese is an optimist but also a realist. He says if he wins he will throw a keg party in town square at no charge. He also believes somewhere deep down he has a glimmer of hope for himself.

"I see an opportunity right now because of the recession, because Kip has made himself vulnerable, I can get in and make an enormous difference," says Mese.

He's running a grass roots campaign that he hopes will lead to victory on November 6th.

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